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News Stories

Stories about the public health crisis related to delays in care have appeared in dozens of newspapers, magazines, and medical journals. Below are just a few of the many articles published on this topic:

It’s Time to Go Back to the Doctor’s Office. In Person This Time.  (6/16/21)
The Washington Post

COVID Led More Women to Forgo Needed Health Care  (6/15/21)
WebMD Health News

Missed Doctor Visits Have Created Covid’s Shadow Health Crisis  (2/9/21)
Bloomberg Business Week

Heart Trouble: Cardiovascular Death Spikes an Indirect Cost of COVID-10 Pandemic  (1/11/21)
Harvard Medical School News


#ReturnToCare Campaign Seeks to Reunite Patients with Their Doctors (12/29/20)

The Pandemic is Delaying Cancer Screenings and Detection (12/24/20)

Scientific American

How Safe is the Doctor's Office During the Pandemic (12/8/20)


Doctors Have Message for Patients: Don’t Skip Non-urgent Appointments (11/30/20)

Boston Globe

Four-Week Cancer Treatment Delay Raises Death Risk by 10% – Study (11/4/20)

The Guardian

The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Erased Decades of Progress on Childhood Vaccination (9/15/20)

Time Magazine

Cancer Did Not Stay Home for COVID-19 (9/11/20)

Science Advances

Missed Vaccines, Skipped Colonoscopies: Preventive Care Plummets (9/10/20)

New York Times

Cancer Radiation Can Safely Proceed During COVID-19 Pandemic: Study (8/27/20)

U.S. News and World Report

Half of Breast Cancer Care Survivors Had Delays in Care Due to COVID-19 (8/18/20)

Science Daily

Coronavirus Effect: States Where the Most People Delayed Getting Medical Care Because of Pandemic (7/29/20)

USA Today

Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Cancer-Related Patient Encounters (7/27/20)

Journal of Clinical Oncology Clinical Cancer Informatics

Patients are Still Delaying Essential Care out of Fear of Coronavirus (7/13/20)

The Washington Post


The US Healthcare Crisis is About to Get $52 Billion More Expensive (7/6/20)


Coronavirus Could Cause 35,000 ‘Extra’ Cancer Deaths (7/6/20)



COVID Has Derailed Health Care for Many Americans, Causing Countless Deaths (7/2/20)

USA Today


Excess Deaths From COVID-19 and Other Causes, March-April 2020 (7/1/20)

Journal of the American Medical Association


Physicians Urge Cancer Screening to Avoid Second Health Crisis (6/22/20)

Modern Healthcare


Nation’s Cancer Chief Warns Delays in Cancer Care are Likely to Result in Thousands of Extra Deaths in Coming Years (6/18/20)

The Washington Post


After Enduring COVID, Hospitals Brace for Cancer Onslaught (6/11/20)


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